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The story behind Music Producer Draxlan-17

Published on 27 May 2021 at 12:13

Published by MAY 27, 2021

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to be a musician. For Draxlan-17 who is based in Queens, New York, it was his brother who inspired him to make music. He knew right away that this is something he wants to pursue even if things get difficult.

His Musical Influences

His love for music started at a very young age when he would watch all these stars on TV perform passionately. It inspired him to start making music at age 15 and at that point he didn’t look back. Draxlan-17 eventually found his main inspiration which was Brendon Small. He is the leader of the band called Dethklok and inspired Draxlan to pick up a guitar and just express himself with the sound it was producing. But Dethlok is not just a phenomenal guitar lead. He is also a comedian who fuses music and comedy. He did this very well, creating unique music that has a distinct sound. Witnessing all these has made Draxlan-17 aspire to be a versatile musician.  

The music that Draxlan-17 produces can not be categorized with the usual genre we know today. His music is a fusion of Heavy Metal, Pop, Hip-hop and EDM. Making such kind of music is no easy feat but He has mastered balancing these genres so he knows when and where to add parts of it that will work perfectly. And this is shown in the song that he would release today, May 28, entitled Out for the Hunt”He said the story of this song is very straightforward. It is about a couple who breaks up initially and the girlfriend is tired of the abuse. As a matter of fact, one of the lines in the chorus is written this way: “you want me, can’t have me, you know that he treated me badly”.

There are also new projects that he is working on this year that consists of pop music and he would release more heavy metal records this year. We can definitely expect plenty of great music from him.

The Message behind His Music

Music is not just making rhythm and sick beats. It is also used for conveying messages to your audience. Draxlan-17’s message is focused on helping women understand to never let a man take control of you. His message to all his fans, especially women, is: “For all women who have been mistreated by their partner, or being abused, leave that person. There is no need to keep enduring this type of pain. You can do so much better.”

He has also learned not to care about what others are saying about his craft. He knows that the only person who can bring him down is himself. He understands that there will be times where you will feel like you are stuck in your present situation and you seem to be not reaching people but you just have to keep going. You just have to keep moving and creating.

Learn more of Draxlan-17 through his Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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