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The Story Behind Angel Morale

Published on 1 March 2021 at 15:07

My journey has always revolved around music, any major event which has taken place in my life or any obstacles which I had to overcome, music has been my outlet and life saver. I was born with a rare condition Dorfman Chanarin Syndrome which affects my skin, muscles, nerves and liver. I have always looked physically different and have had to live most of my life in pain, never really knowing how each day is going to pan out. I don’t like highlighting much about my health condition but my aim as a musician is to portray a message, a message which says that we are all born to do what we want! Emphasizing the importance of kindness and that we all have the ability, to be happy. Growing up I suffered from bullying, not really fitting in and finding a sense of belonging! The only thing that ever got me through everything was music. I had spent most of my high school years at home due to ill health and bullying.


Physically and mentally, this was a real challenge. Millions of people go through this at any stage in their life, whether it be young or old, and it’s always a mental and physical struggle. I started to learn piano when I was 8 years old and that was my place of zen. Playing piano was a great emotional and musical outlet. As I got older, I started to gain interest in the music production field and wanted to learn how to sing. So as the years went by, I started to learn about music production and taught myself how to sing…


I could not sing to save my life! My parents bought me a studio when I was 15 and I left school to pursue music, that was the beginning of my journey to pursuing music. The journey did not begin well, I had to learn about the difficult side of the music industry. I went through some experiences which then led to me not making music for a long time. After about 5-6 years, I began to make music again and started to make music videos. I then began working as a freelancer and this is where I started to work with Alien Amp Records. Working with Alien Amp Records has been an absolute blessing and such a great, fulfilling opportunity for me as a musician and as a person. When I first heard the very first track I worked on ‘Endless Life’, I was instantly captured by the sound and production. I had no idea that working on one track would have turned into working on 2 amazing albums.

My future goals include continuing making music and working with Alien Amp Records. I have learnt so much and grown so much as a musician over the last year, with freelancing and working with other musicians. Especially while working with the label. I would like to be more open about other things in my life rather than just music. I feel that I’ve been very private about my personal life in terms of physical and mental health struggles, but I feel that telling your story is an important thing. If someone can hear my story, or anybody else’s story, and gain some inspiration or confidence from it, which is a real beautiful thing. I feel that talking and communicating with one another is crucial and that we can raise awareness and talk about things that need to be talked about. That is my future goal, to really be open and raise awareness for both physical and mental health related topics.


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