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February 28th, 2021

News Alert

Artist  Dralxan-17

Incredible news, a new artist Dralxan-17 has emerged from hiding. After years of concealment, Dralxan-17 shows himself and shows the world what impact his music has in the music community. A later interview will reveal how Dralxan-17 made his hits, and what inspired him to continue to pursue such career. 

Betrayal of Vigor (feat. Angel Morale)

Endless Life (feat. Angel Morale)

Escape the Tragedy (feat. Angel Morale)

The CEO and the Co-Founder of Alien Amp Records were interviewed by The Free Edition in regards of Dralxan-17.  When asked about Dralxan-17, the CEO of Alien Amp Records immediately said "if you are going to say I look like him, sorry to disappoint you but I'm not" Furthermore, we asked him why choose Dralxan-17, there are so many Hip-Hop artist out there why stick with one artist? "We saw potential in Dralxan-17, not only did he surprise us with beats, but we were more shocked that he managed to merge two different genres that don't belong together"

CEO Diego Calle Lindao & Co-Founder Patricia Calle Lindao

After asking Diego Calle Lindao (CEO of Alien Amp Records) with his affiliation with Angel Morale, all he said was the following "my work I do with Angel Morale is strictly private, all singles we release is under strict management of the label. As mentioned to the artist all singles must be approved by me before it goes out to the public"

Quotes By Dralxan-17

Music is like the ocean; expansive and gives life.


Your heart is like a kick drum, it keeps pumping nourishment to the music.


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March 1st 2021

Angel Morale

After releasing District Zero, Angel Morale concentrated in releasing other records. Titles such as Revenge of the Synth Volume One which was considered one of the best albums of the year. 

Angel Morale has released a new blog, posted on the Alien Amp Records website. To read this blog post click on the bottom link. 

After receiving an award from Alien Amp Records, Angel Morale pursues her dream to become the worlds best vocalist.

Angel Morale was hired by Alien Amp Records on September, 2019 and went on to be the labels secret weapon when it came to producing high quality recordings. 

Enemy of the Void. MP3

Twilight's Break, a video released by Alien Amp Records produced by Dralxan-17 gave us a shock on how well produced this song was. Using Mixcraft's top of the line synth's, Dralxan-17 was able to create this master piece; we asked him to show us an insight on how this song was created, the only words he spoke was "a magician never reveals his secrets" and walked away. However, the video production says it all from amazing video transitions to video effects. Our sources believe that this video was shot with an iPhone and not with a professional grade camera.

Angel Morale released a video to Alien Amp Records and we managed to get a copy of this video. We now dive in the head of Angel Morale and learn on how they started to collaborate. 

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March 2nd, 2021

Another Production by Dralxan-17

When asked by an affiliate at the Free Edition, is Dralxan-17 in the production or have released a new album. Dralxan-17 answered "yeah I am in the production of a new album". It was very kind of him to supply us with the cover art of the album. 

A recent press release done by Artist PR "The Mysterious Music Behind The Arrival Of Dralxan-17" gives an insight on what the album will be composed of and what genres we should be expecting.  

The Mysterious Music Behind The Arrival Of Dralxan-17

New York — Thursday, February 18th, 2021 — Through a combination of alien-like sounds, Dralxan-17 introduces a new wave of music that breaks the norm of music. From his experience, Dralxan-17 brings unearthly sounds and personal lyrics to create a new atmosphere of songs.

The album “The Unknown Touch” would be a hit for those who consider themselves metalheads. With a combination of Thrash Metal, Pop, Soundtrack, and alien sounds, this album is set to disrupt mainstream Metal. The Unknown Touch will be available on April 30th, 2021 on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

The Unknown Touch produced by Dralxan-17 under the supervision of Alien Amp Records. Vocal production by Angel Morale, Lyrics provided by Angel Morale.

Unlike any other album “The Unknown Touch” a Thrash Metal driven album will feature clean vocals from the talented Angel Morale. Thrash Metal is all about guttural vocals and music intensity, with years of experience and experimenting Dralxan-17 managed to combine genres that normally don’t belong together.

News have developed in the last hour!!

The Essence Of A Warrior (feat. Angel Morale)

One of our personnel managed to obtain this single cover from Dralxan-17 early this morning. Before we posted this image we had to make sure our sources were correct. Dralxan-17 has given the word, he is in the production of a new song and told one of our journalist he is willing to share a short demo with us. How exciting!!

Dralxan-17 gave us a news update on this demo, unfortunately the demo will not be handed to us. As stated by label reps "the production of this demo is only between the label and the artist, if we decide to share it with you we will give you notice"

Recent Shocking News!

Alien Amp Records has confirmed that Dralxan-17 will be joining a new record label called Riven United. We ask, is Dralxan-17 leaving Alien Amp Records; we still have no word from Dralxan-17 yet, is he planning to stay with two record labels or drop one and join the other. Tune in for this shocking development.

March 3rd, 2021

We have interesting news, from our journalist inside the Dralxan-17 studio. According to him, Dralxan-17 has contracted a singer to sing with him during a virtual concert. we are still trying to get a date for the performance but Dralxan-17 has not given us no information regarding the performance. we will keep you updated if anything should change.

Developing News

Alien Amp Records has given us exclusive access to take a sneak peek to 2 new singles Dralxan-17 is recording. It is very impressive the same record label that denied us inside looks are now inviting us to get a sneak. 

The Defiled King

The Defiled King a new single by Dralxan-17. Bringing back the colonial era, this songs intention is to describe the reign of a king that ruled with an iron fist disregarding human life and now in the afterlife he now regrets it. We asked the CEO of Alien Amp Records is Dralxan-17 making an entire Thrash Metal album he stated "Yes"

We can expect a demo very soon as stated by Diego. 

Twisted produced by Dralxan-17, we are still shocked till this day that Dralxan-17 can produce an entire Thrash Metal album. Is Dralxan-17 turning away from pop, we haven't had any confirmation yet, we are still trying to get Dralxan-17 word on the matter. 


Cooking Up News 

March 9th, 2021

On March 9th we received news that one of our journalist managed to get in a meeting with the owner of Alien Amp Records and Dralxan-17. According to our journalist, the meeting went well and they even allowed our journalist take a listen to one of the labels new song and it seems Dralxan-17 is going Thrash Metal on this new album. The CEO of Alien Amp Records did mention that Dralxan-17 is not leaving the label instead Riven United is helping him improve his promotion. Alien Amp Records has also allowed us to have Dralxan-17's Press Release Kit which was very generous by the the artist. 

May 10, 2021

Developing News

Alien Amp Records delivers news to our journalist. Dralxan-17 is releasing a new single on May 23rd, but why so far May? Dralxan-17 responds, "to give Spotify Playlist owners a chance to hear the song and possibly put add it to their Playlist." Alien Amp Records was very kind and generous in sharing the single cover with us. 

Designed by Diego Calle Lindao

A beautifully designed cover by Diego Calle Lindao. A love driven song; is there any influences behind this song. Yes, says the head of Alien Amp Records and Dralxan-17, the influences are from Lady Gaga and Kesha. We are very excited to hear this song, and can't wait for the release. 

Video Alert

Dralxan-17 shared with us just recently a small video demo of this song Your Obsession. We listened to the song and we are very impressed, this song gave us Lady Gaga vibes. The overall production of this song is amazing, vocals stand out a lot. 

New Artist Alert

A new artist joins Alien Amp Records and seeks to achieve excellence. Who is Ena? Ena is an artist based in India and a very amazing singer.  With a backtrack of success and live performances, Ena looks to further her success with Alien Amp Records. 

Alien Amp Record released a demo of a song where Ena will be featured on. 

Stay tuned for Ena's Live performance.