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Alien Amp Records started as a dream for an individual that loves music. This dream started in High School, helping other students create their music, helping them find their sound, and in the process helped them gain an audience. Alien Amp Records began on December 20th, 2016, with a mission to help other artists find their voice.

CEO and Founder, Diego Calle Lindao, has noticed many things going on in the music industry. Deals being signed, artists not being happy on how they are managed, how these industries are splitting profits and giving the artist little to nothing in their names. We see how owners of recording studios are going away due to insufficient clients.

A.A.R wants to change that, bring back recording studios, getting rid of these 360 deals, giving complete ownership and rights to the artist to all music and merchandise they create.

At A.A.R, we visualize a future for all our artists, not just the professionals, but those who are just starting in the music industry.